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Representing some of the world’s most noted artists and designers for over twenty-five years, we not only appreciate the subtleties between the visual and the aesthetic, but crucially the complexities of an industry often shrouded in mystery. We are therefore able to bring a commercial understanding of the art and design world along with the key advice and financial support to help our clients build and grow their business.


Amongst other things, we deal with the accounting and tax aspects of intellectual property, royalties, patents and infringements, and donating art. In addition, the operating of design studios is an area where we have enormous expertise and are proud of the value we can add. Some of our services include;

  • Financial accounting

  • Management accounts

  • Royalty accounting and structuring

  • Art, design and intellectual property valuations

  • Acquisitions and disposals

  • VAT and payroll

  • Corporate taxation

  • International taxation

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