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We work with technology businesses from those at the cutting edge of telecommunications, through to global streaming platforms, cyber security and fintech. Our tech clients range from start-up’s all the way through to businesses with valuations of more than £1 billion and we are there to proactively support our clients on that journey.

Our commercial understanding and access to sources of debt and equity have proved invaluable to many of our clients, as has our advice in respect of structuring from both a corporate and intellectual property perspective, in addition to the tax and accounting implications of research and development.   


Many of our clients are building toward an exit and we are able to help them at every step of the way working to enhance not just their earnings, but crucially the multiples. Other corporate services include valuations, preparation of investor materials, vendor due diligence, advice on mergers, acquisitions and disposals, as well as the typical accounting and tax services one might expect outlined as follows;


  • Financial accounting

  • Accounting and tax in relation to patents, trademarks and R&D

  • VAT and payroll

  • Staff incentive schemes

  • SEIS and EIS

  • Company valuations

  • Mergers, acquisitions and disposals

  • UK and international tax planning and structuring

  • Cash flow and currency management

  • Corporate taxation

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