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The firm is proud of its heritage in boxing which extends back over the course of four decades and more recently in the fast-growing work of combat sports and mixed martial arts.


We provide financial functionality and back end support for our clients ensuring that they never leave money on the table when it comes to bouts or anywhere else, whether dealing with PPV, TV rights, purse bids or promoters.


As global specialists in withholding tax, we have unparalleled expertise and dealings in every major global market, across Europe, the United States, Australasia and Asia, as well as many of the smaller markets.


We can also deliver business management services, in which we handle all of the financial aspects of our client’s business affairs working closely with agents, managers, lawyers, promotors, sponsors, wealth managers and bankers, as well as family members. In addition, we can assist our clients with the raising of finance whether for self-promotion activities or property.


  • Financial accounting

  • Tax returns

  • VAT and payroll

  • Corporate taxation

  • UK and international withholding tax

  • Image rights structuring

  • Business management

  • Cash flow and foreign exchange management

  • Establishment of charitable foundations

  • Corporate finance


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