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Whether representing motor racing drivers or teams, we help our clients get the most out of their hard work on the track and have been advising both drivers, teams and team owners for over a decade.


We are on pole position to provide business management services where we offer full financial functionality for drivers across Formula 1, Touring Cars and WRC, that goes far beyond accounts and tax, working with agents, managers, teams, sponsors, banks, wealth mangers and insurers, as well as our client’s family members. We are also pioneers in the field of image rights and sponsorship able to advise both onshore and offshore clients.


Many of our clients rely upon us for tax advice in connection with issues of residence and domicile and we’re able to help our clients choose the most appropriate jurisdictions in the context of their circumstances and structure accordingly. Likewise, in connection with UK taxation, many of our clients have obligations to file UK tax returns and our knowledge and understanding of this niche area ensures our clients remain efficient, compliant and avoiding the perils of double taxation.


For motor racing teams we provide audit, accounting, taxation and corporate finance services. Our expert advice and knowledge in areas such as the accounting treatment of cars and operational systems means that we can generate significant value for our clients. From a corporate finance perspective, we work with clients on both the acquisition and disposal of their businesses providing lead advisory, due diligence and valuation services.

​Some of our services are detailed as follows;


  • Financial accounting

  • Personal tax returns

  • Structuring of image rights

  • Corporation tax

  • Payroll, VAT and P11D matters

  • Dealing with HMRC tax enquiries

  • Charitable foundations

  • Domestic payroll schemes

  • Assisting with mortgages and lending

  • Immigration matters and residency issues

  • Business management

  • Corporate finance

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