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Whether representing tennis’s finest talent including Grand Slam winners or emerging players rising through the ranks, we are proud of the value that we’re able to deliver and an approach centred around helping our clients achieve their business and financial objectives.


Many of our international clients rely upon us to handle their international withholding taxes, in regard to which we are true world leaders. In connection with UK taxation, many of our clients have obligations to file UK tax returns and our knowledge and understanding of this niche area ensures our clients remain efficient, compliant and avoiding double taxation.


We also provide business management services where we deliver full financial functionality for our clients beyond accounts and tax, working with agents, managers, tours, event organisers, sponsors, banks, wealth mangers and insurers, as well as our clients family members. We are also pioneers in the field of image rights and able to advise both onshore and offshore clients.

​Some of our services are detailed as follows;

  • Financial accounting

  • UK tax returns

  • VAT and payroll

  • Corporate taxation

  • UK and international withholding tax

  • Image rights structuring

  • Business management

  • Cash flow and foreign exchange management

  • Establishment of charitable foundations

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